Difference Between a Cop, Sheriff, And A State Trooper

Regardless of how you feel about law enforcement, let’s just face it; we all want our nation to grow and be successful, and for that, we need to follow some rules and laws, we all expect everyone around us to accept and follow the laws and regulations. We have laws and rules in society to make sure that it is upheld. Different people play different duties and roles in it. So, let’s discuss the difference between a cop, sheriff, and state trooper.

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The cop is often used in a term for a police officer, patrol officer, or correctional officer. Patrol officer, the men or women with classic uniforms (depends on the country; common uniform color is blue, brown, green, khaki, and white.), their job responsibilities include prosecution and conviction of suspects, emergency response and non-emergency calls, and criminal procedure. They can also be appointed in special units, for example, for vehicles, canine, and SWAT units. 

The correctional officer has different duties; they are the in-charge of rules of the law, inside of a jail or state prison. Oversight of the inmates as they conduct their everyday work, dispute management, and escape prevention services. 

The police officer is usually appointed by a city government or can be selected by a transit district, state, country, or any other quasi-government organization that has the authority to make a law in any enforcement branch.  Their general purpose is to serve the law enforcement. They can be used as a guard in school, colleges, and hospital.


The chief executive of a sheriff’ department elected the sheriff, who will work under the country government as most do, but some sheriff only operate in few cities for example, in Virginia, there are some cities are allowed not be a part of the country, which are around them, so the sheriff does not operate there. Forty-nine states have sheriffs, Alaska is the only exception who does not have because it has no country.

The sheriff’s word came from the name “Shire Reeve,” who was a tax collector in Medieval England, and he got appointed by the King. Some countries still have sheriffs for the tax collectors. Some countries have given great responsibilities, from state to state, in some states the position of sheriff is significant ceremonial, and mainly includes serving warrants, providing security for the government department such as the court. In some states, they are in charge of the country jail, and most states ask the sheriff to give general enforcement services, they do not have their general police, they contract the sheriff to provide them with security services.  

State Trooper

The state troopers work for the state, they serve as a part of state-wide police agencies and lhighway patrols, they ensure that drivers are following state vehicular rules and laws. They mostly deal with citation issues, direct traffic, help injured motorists in accidents, and arrest criminals. There are thirty-one states who have state troopers. Mostly they wear a brown, grey, light-blue, white uniform, they have star-shaped badges and patches on their uniform, which indicates their rank, and their large, wide-brimmed hats. 

Final Thoughts: 

The Cops refers to a police officer, patrol officer, or correctional officer. The police officer’s duties are prosecution and conviction of suspects. The correctional officers are the in-charge of rules of the law, inside of a state jails. The police officer serves the law enforcement. The sheriffs are the tax collectors in some states, and in some other states/ countries they provide security for the government courts. The state trooper serves as highway patrols.

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