Difference Between Apartment And Flat

In general there is no big difference between apartment and flat as both are personal residence areas
consisting of different rooms that can be on same floor or can be on different floor. The word apartment
comes from Italian word apartment which means set of rooms occupied by single person where as word flat
came from the old English fleet which means floor or dwelling .The main difference between apartment and
flat is that apartment is usually used in American English whereas flat is basically used in British English. In
British lingo apartment is used for an upscale place whereas in America flat is used for a more luxuries place,
so, in short both words are used interchangeably in both countries. So we can say that flats are low budget
rental places which are usually parts of bigger buildings, whereas apartments are self-contained residential
The other main difference is that the flat is a one story place and an apartment can be multistory. Apartment
can have direct access to road where as flats are usually in one building and it can be on any floor. This
means that apartment can be on ground floor and flat can be on any floor of the building. In many Asian
countries both terms are used interchangeably.
Apartments have gates and flats are usually without gates and that’s why apartments have direct access to
roads. Apartments have living room whereas flats have sitting rooms. Flats are usually rented by bachelors or
students as they are usually more outgoing and live less in their rooms and also they are less expensive
whereas apartments are mostly preferred by family so they can have access to the road and are more
spacious or may be multistory place.
Apartment buildings may include different facilities that are only available to people living there, like
swimming pool, Gym, clubs, laundry room, etc. whereas no such facilities are present in flats buildings. If
there is any problem in apartment like repairing or any issue in rental agreement then property manager is
contacted and that person will assign that job to the particular specialist but if any such issue comes within
flat then tenants have to take care of it on their own time and money.
There are many types of apartment like studio apartment (a large single room which has open kitchen ,
dining , living, and bedroom all occupied in single room) , Loft apartment, service apartment ( that has
facilities like housekeeping and other amenities) ,Communal apartment ( in which multiple people are living
and sharing the kitchen and bathroom but with separate bedrooms) , Garden apartment (situated on ground
floor and have the garden right in front of it) and Marionette ( suite on two story).There are no such types of
Apartments can be rented by different people and all people living together will pay monthly or yearly rent
depending on the on the property owner whereas flat is rented by one person or family and they also have

the same rent paying system just like apartments. Flat is more family friendly and they are usually
comfortable in it whereas apartment is not that family friendly.
There are more similarities between apartment and flat as they both are rented by the owner either through
property manager (apartments) or directly by the owner (flats). Another similarity is that they do not usually
have any garden view except for garden apartment and also there is no garage for car parking instead all cars
of the building are park in the same parking area owned by the building. They both can be single bedroom,
double bedroom with two separate bathrooms, or three bedrooms with three different bathrooms. They
both are not usually owned by the person living in it rather tenants (the person renting it) are usually living in
it. Separate dining room is feature of both as well as kitchen and bathrooms are somewhat of similar
The differences are less obvious then similarities as there are more similarities in them then differences. As
they are interchangeable in UK and US, so the differences are turned in both cases when used in the other
way. In short the apartment are US based flats in UK and flats are US based apartments in UK. We can use
both terms in other countries but most common term used for low budget in flat and for more upper class
people is apartment. Apartments and flats are very common these days and with increasing population are in
more demand then houses as they occupy more less space and more people can live in them. Facilities are
only available in apartments so more luxurious in that case. Apartments are more costly then flats and that’s
why mostly shared among peoples. Flats are much cheaper and are usually owned by single family.
Depending on the structure apartments are built, types are classified. Studio apartments are the cheapest
among them and garden apartment due to its location are bit expensive. The types does not exist in case of
flats. Bedrooms are separate but bathrooms can be shared in apartments. Family would prefer flats as it is
more private then apartments and bachelor would like to share apartment as it is shared and the rent can be
divided if they want. Parking and gates are usually not present but in some apartment gate facility is
available. Multistory is only in case of apartments but flats are usually single story. Multi story apartments
are also more expensive then single story.

Differences are as follows in simple words for better understanding:

1 Word mostly used in United states Used in United Kingdom

2 Multi story Single story
3 Rented by upper class or may be middle class Rented by middle or lower class or students
4 Italian origin from appertmento Old English origin from flett

5 Types exist Types not known for now

6 Facilities to apartment owners are available No such facility available

7 Expensive Less expensive

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