Difference Between Contour And Bronzer

Gone are the days when the whole makeup arsenal consisted of a few products with very clear purpose and usage. Now the beauty standards and styling etiquettes have refined so much that a very diverse and wide range of products have been developed. But with all this power of beauty comes the confusing responsibility of differentiating among products that are very similar but not quite the same. And one of the prime suspects is the title of our discussion, i.e. contour and bronzer.
Quite often we interchangeably use both of these terms and products and honestly we have never been the wiser. Most of us often use a contouring cream or powder for the actual purpose of bronzing and same is the case with bronzer products; they are used with the contouring purpose in mind. It’s helpful to think of contouring and bronzing in a sort of overlapping format: they have a few similarities with some prominent distinctions. Both can come in liquid, cream, or powder form. Both are also designed to add depth to your face, but in different ways. That’s right—if you’ve been trying to turn your bronzer or contour products into multi-taskers, you need to rethink your makeup habits.
Well worry no more ladies (and gents) as we have a quick and simple rundown on the difference between contour and bronzer and how to begin incorporating each into your makeup routine and do it the right way.

What’s The Difference?


Contouring is used to shape and redefine someone’s face. It is an artistic technique that when used correctly adds structure and shadow to your face. Contour shapes and emphasizes facial features by accentuating your natural shadows. It is strategically applied in certain areas of the face like hollows of the cheek bones, or along sides of the nose, or near temples, to create the illusion of a more defined face shape. So by contouring you can create a slimmer face or a prominent jawline, a narrower-looking nose, or give your cheekbones some extra chisel. It is like your face is a canvas and with the right imagination and technique you can magically transform your face and your visible neck into something spectacular (not that it isn’t already). So in contouring you have to skillfully and creatively manipulate your God given facial structure through shadows by using different shades of contouring products.


Bronzing is also used to give depth and enhancement to your makeup look but in a different way than contouring. While in contouring you make use of shadows to get the desire shape of your face, in bronzing your goal is to give your face a natural sun washed warmth. Simply put, a bronzer is applied to the skin to give it a different color shade or a sun kissed shine. It is a sunless tanning option. To warm up your face, bronzer is used on areas which comes naturally comes in contact with the sun like; the tops of cheekbones, along forehead, on chin or on the tip of nose. Bronzer is a great way to make your skin look radiant and healthy.
Contouring and bronzing products also differ in color and finish. Bronzer tends to have an orange-esque and often shimmery finish resulting in a warm tone while contour is more greyish with cool toned hue and (generally) a matte finish.

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